UEFA Euros 2024 around the corner! We will publish the Euros tournament no later than June 1, two weeks ahead of kick-off. An e-mail will of course go out to all registered members as soon as we're live. See you soon!


Frequently Asked Questions


What is Copabet?

Copabet is a game where you compete against friends by predicting every game of a sports event. Amplify the adrenaline – join now!

How does it work?

First, create a Scorecard. Second, create or join a group. Then, invite all your friends!

Is this a betting site?

No. Copabet is a game where you compete with friends. It is a social layer of fun and prestige to a sports event.

What is a Scorecard?

A Scorecard is what you compete with. It is your prediction of every game – all games in the Group Stage and a complete scenario of the Playoff stage. And you have to make all of your predictions before the event begins.

Why should I join?

It amplifies the adrenaline! It just makes every game so much more exciting! And beating your friends in the meantime is like icing on the proverbial cake.

What do I compete with?

Your Scorecard. Create your Scorecard and then you compete with friends in different groups. Copabet is a game where you can see who makes the best prediction of the World Cup.


How do I create a Scorecard?

First you need to register, then start creating your Scorecard. Simply click/tap the flag or name of the team that you think will win each match. If you predict a draw; select X.

Do I predict specific game results?

No. In Copabet, you predict only the winning team of the game or it's a draw. You do not predict specific results or scores.

Can I change my Scorecard?

Yes, you can change your Scorecard as many times as you want up until two hours before the opening game begins. Remember to save your Scorecard!

Can other people see my Scorecard?

Before the event begins, no one can see your Scorecard except you. As soon as the opening games starts – everyone can see your Scorecard!

How many Scorecards can I create?

One. That is the beauty and challenge of Copabet. You can only believe in one single outcome, so think it through. Make your prediction, then stick with it.

After the event has started, can I change my Scorecard in any way?

No. The whole idea of Copabet is that you make your prediction and then stick with it from the opening game all the way through the opening game to the final.

What do I predict in the Group Stage and Play-Off Stage?

First, you predict the outcome of every single Group Stage game. Who will win the game or if you predict a draw (X). Then, in the Play-Off Stage, you predict how the teams make their way, all the way to the final Champions. You do not predict specific match results.

Do my predictions in the Group Stage affect the Play-off Stage?

No. Copabet gives you the freedom to predict the Group Stage and the Play-Off Stage just as you like. As we are not predicting specific match results, it is not possible to have a logical link between the Group Stage and the Play-Off Stage. So, you can essentially have France to loose each game in the Group Stage, but still pick them as Group Winners for the Play-Off Stage. That’s just the way it is.

Can I accidentally put the same team all over the place in the Playoff Stage?

No. Our intelligent drop down menus disable this. The Play-Off Stage automagically follows logic.

Prizes & Costs

What do I win?

You win nothing from Copabet, it's not a betting site. However, make sure to join one of our Sponsored Groups where mighty fine prizes are at stake.

What does it cost?

Copabet is free of charge.

What can I challenge my friends with?

That is up to you. We think bragging rights goes a long way.

Schedule & Times

When does the competition start?

On July 20, 7 am CET, we close down the saving/updating of Scorecards. Two hours later, the World Cup kicks off!

When the event has started, can I change my Scorecard in any way?

No. The whole idea of Copabet is that you make your prediction and then stick with it from the opening game all the way to the final.

What can I do when it has started?

You can not change your Scorecard and you can not invite more friends. But, this is when the fun begins! Personal stats, graphs, updates, and (hopefully) trashtalking your friends about their rankings!

Can I invite friends to join my group when the Cup has started?

No. So do it before!

What happens when the tournament is over?

Well, then Copabet is over for now and you'll hopefully have outshined your friends.


What are groups?

Groups are where you compete against your friends or family. You can create a group and invite friends, or you can join an already existing group. You can choose to create a public group that anyone can join, or a private group which is by invitation only.

How many should be in a group?

The more the merrier! Seriously, it is much more fun to be as many people as possible in each group. So keep inviting people!

Can groups be private?

Yes. You can create groups that are private. They have a password. These groups can only be joined by receiving an invitation from the creator of the group (the admin).

Can groups be public?

Yes. You can choose to create a public group. A public group can be joined by anyone. You will not be able to switch a group from public to private.

How do I invite people?

Click the ”Invite” button. You can also send your friends the link to your group. Spread the word! The more people playing, the more fun!

Can I create more than one group?

Yes. However, you can participate in a maximum of 10 groups so that's how many you can create. But perhaps you'd like to join somebody else's group as well?

How many groups can I join?

You can participate in up to 10 groups. Anyone can join public groups. For private groups, you need an invite. In addition to this, every single Scorecard will compete in the Copabet Global League.

So I can challenge my friends and colleagues?

Yes. When you are logged in, you can create a group and then invite everyone you want! Simply challenge your family, friends and colleagues to compete with you in your group. That is the whole point of Copabet.

What is the Copabet Global League?

Every single Scorecard competes in the Copabet Global League. This is for bragging rights only, there are no prizes to be won.

Points on Scorecard

How do I get points

For every correct game prediction you get points. The points you get are based on two factors: Game Value and Friendly Odds™. The Game Value increases for each stage as the tournament progresses. Getting the Champions right will get you loads of points! In each group, the amount of points you get is determined by what everyone else have predicted. We call it Friendly Odds™ and it will award upsets and underdogs.

How do I get points – the long version?

For every correct game prediction you get points. The points you get are based on two factors:

1. Game Value The value of the games increase the further we get into the tournament. These are the points for each stage: Group Stage Games = 100 points. Round of Sixteen = 200 points. Quarter Finals = 300 points. Semi Finals = 500 points. Final and third place = 750 points. Winner = 1000 points.

2. Friendly Odds™
The more people getting it right, the less points each person with a correct prediction gets. We call it Friendly Odds™ as it is not Copabet who sets the odds – rather you and your friends do! This system awards upsets and underdogs, so think it through!

In the Playoff Stage there is a rule that we call the Mastermind model after the famous, and may we say great, 1970’s board game. The rule can be stated as follows: Correct team in the correct place and correct team in the wrong place. Here is the logic behind the Mastermind model: Let’s say you predict a team to win a group, for example, France to win group F. You also predict that France will go all the way and win the Championship. France will then proceed throughout the Playoff Stage via a specific route in the Playoff grid. If your Scorecard prediction is exactly correct then all is fine and dandy - you will collect loads of points and be in the running for winning the groups in which you compete. But, here’s the thing, if France actually wins the Championship, as you predicted, but was the runner up in their group, then they will reach the final from a totally different path in the Playoff grid. If the Mastermind model didn’t exist, then this prediction would yield no points. And this would just feel wrong. So, a Scorecard where the correct team reaches a particular stage in the Playoff Stages, but happens to be in the wrong slot still gets points. If there are no Scorecards that have predicted the correct team in the correct slot, but there are Scorecards that have the correct team in the wrong slot – these Scorecards will receive points as if one Scorecard had the correct team in the correct slot.

Is there a mathematical formula for Group Stage games?

Yes, it's a linear equation. Max value (if only 1 correct prediction in a group) = Game Value. Min value (if all predictions in a group are correct) = Game Value/10.


Where can I find information about your privacy policy?

Your personal information is very important to us – and to you. Our goal is to maintain your confidence by processing your personal data with due consideration and by giving you the control.

It is important that you know what kind of personal information Copabet AB (hereinafter "we" or "Copabet") collects about you and how we use it.

We have done our best to make the explanations short and easy to understand. Should you require further information, or if you have any questions, please read the full Terms and Conditions or contact us on info@copabet.com.

If we ever carry out any significant changes in our privacy policy, we will inform you. If necessary, we will also ask for your permission.

Your choices and rights in different situations are explained in more detail below.

And again, for more information, read the full Terms and Conditions.

What information do you have stored and where do you get it from?

We collect and store different types of information about you; contact details, your preferences, and of course, your predictions/scorecards. The storing of this data happens when you create/update an account, fill out a scorecard, contact us or use our web pages, apps and social media.

We also use Google Analytics to monitor how our users interact with our website (this is completely anonymous though) and "cookies" to make your login process and language selection smoother. More thorough information about the cookies we store is available in our cookie policy.

Why have you removed the option to login with Facebook?

There are a number of reasons behind this decision, both technical and ethical, but let's just say we're not huge fans of Facebook's handling of personal data. And when Apple tried to force us implement "Log in with Apple", just to keep the Facebook login option in the app, it felt like it was time to move forward without the tech giants and their power struggle.

I used to login with Facebook, what do I do now?

We've tried to make it as smooth as possible for you to login with e-mail and password instead. You can login on Copabet with the same e-mail address that you use to login on Facebook, you just need to set a password. Simply go to copabet.com/forgot and enter your e-mail address (the one you use on Facebook that is) and you'll get an e-mail that let's you set a password of your choice. Note! If this seems difficult or perhaps you would like to use some other e-mail address than the one you use for Facebook, then feel free to simply register a new account with a different e-mail address.

How do you use my information?

We use your information in various ways. Most importantly we want to ensure a smooth Copabet experience with intuitive functionality easing the process of logging in, saving your scorecard, inviting your friends, etc.

Additionally, we may use your info for marketing purposes, mostly in connection with Sponsored Groups and to deliver sponsored messages in group chats and news feeds. However, we very rarely share your personal data, see below.

Do you share my information with anybody else and if so, why?

As a rule of thumb, we do not share your personal data with any external parties. With a few exceptions:

1) When we’re required by law to do so.

2) To deliver our service to you; i.e server hosting providers.

3) Should you join any Sponsored Groups, we may share your contact details with the Group Owner for marketing purposes. If you’re not comfortable with this, which we totally respect, simply do not join any Sponsored Groups. Sponsored Groups will always be clearly labelled.

What are my rights and options?

Among other rights, you can choose to unsubscribe from our e-mails. You also have the right to access all the information we have about you and the “right to be forgotten”, i.e for us to delete all of your personal data. Simply contact info@copabet.com and we’ll assist you with any of that.

Do you take good care of my personal data?

Your data is very important, to you and to us, and we want you to know that we always do everything within our powers to keep your data secure. Both from a technical perspective (servers, encryption, etc) as well as how we handle the data and share it with others.

How do I get in touch?

If you have any questions or feedback about how we handle your information, do not hesitate to contact us on info@copabet.com.